Wireless in Starbucks is More Dangerous than Cloud

With Apple launching iCloud product there has a been a blaze of news reports discussing the security issues that we will have to face with such new technologies. Other concerns include such fears as what happens if the provider cannot supply their service. Will we all be left without our information? Do you believe that cloud computing places us at any more risk than we are at now? Here is a look at some of the issues. Sure, there will be changes in the way we store our information, but is it really any different to the way we live now? In a world dominated by online transactions and social media marketing, it is a little late to get worried about security in the ‘cloud’.

  • Current Norms. Let’s take a look at how most of us use the internet today. Our banking is online, we purchase much more than we ever did online. We use our cards and eftpos where ever we go. We go to the airport without a paper ticket in our hand. Email is the main way we communicate. We store our social and work lives on websites like Facebook. Our CV is on LinkedIn. We use the internet, everyday, in a million ways. Even when we think we are not using it, the internet is providing us with data and the ability to make transactions. How else would there be ATMs?
  • What is the Difference? With cloud computing, all of your information will be stored online. You will not have files on your computer, they will exist in the cloud. Well, actually, that is a little wrong. You will always download the latest version of every file that is stored in your part of the cloud on each device as you use it. When you change a file, you will change it on the cloud. When you go to the next device, you will download that latest version. So while, you will actually have the files on your devices, the nexus of those files, will be stored on the cloud somewhere.
  • The Fears. The fear is security. Will all of your information be available for someone to steal? What happens if those service providers go down? Will you lose all of your information? Is that not the same as the situation today? Everytime you get online, your computer could be hacked. Everytime you use wireless in a coffee shop, you are transmitting sensitive data over a short space that is very insecure. In reality, there is no security difference. Your email provider, like Google, has supplied you with email for many years without a fail in service. It is just the same. When was the last time your bank’s website was not accessible. I would be more worried about keeping a good password private, and making sure I could connect to the interent.
  • Cloud is Big Business. While there have been companies like DropBox who have been providing cloud services for years, Apple’s release of iCloud is the first time a company of that size has released a product to that many people. Microsoft and a host of others are all vying for you to use their cloud. Online marketing will hit fever pitch in the coming months as every provider tries to convince you, they are the one to use. Why? Because you will only use one provider for everything. They will be the master of the clouds.