Google’s Laptop rental for $20 per month

Google’s has just announced and confirmed that it is launching the Google Chromebooks, so it’s no longer a rumor! Best of all, there is no upfront payment for the laptops. Just pay a simple $28 a month ($336 per year) if you are going to use it for a business, or you can pay $20 per month if you are a student ($240 a year).

For that price, it includes regular software based out of “the cloud” and free hardware upgrades.  So it’s not a bad deal really, a Laptop costs you $1500 dollars for a good computer. And you have to replace that computer every 2-3 years. You are paying anywhere between $40-$60 per month depending on how much your laptop costs and how quickly you want to re-place your computer, aside from that you have the risk of being infected by viruses, plus spending money on software and programs.
Google is adding Netflix and Hulu support into the laptops!it will also include an improved file manager system  on the upcoming version of Chrome OS, offline versions of  Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail.  You can have all of these features this June! This is looking better and better every minute, now they can incorporate Their music platform into the laptop. Check out the video below and learn more about what comes incorporated in the Chromebooks and what benefits it has.

Via: Engadget