McDonald’s Closed all their Stores in Bolivia

This is like something out of a movie, McDonalds closing every store they have down, but even though this seems seems like a very unlikely situation, it just happened – in Bolivia. McDonald’s can now add the country of Bolivia to the list of failed moves, it went into Bolivia 14 years ago hoping that it was going to conquer the food market, but unfortunately it failed.

After the 14 years in the nation, despite hundreds of campaigns and promotions to try and get some “fans,” McDonald’s was forced to close its 8 Bolivian restaurants in the major cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
This past Saturday at midnight, McDonald’s announced that it was going to server their last burger after announcing a global restructuring plan where it closed down restaurants in seven countries because of a poor profit margin – Via: ScallyWag