The $130 Million Maltese Falcon Speed Yacht is Basically a Sail Boat on Steroids

You don’t need to be a Sail Boat aficionado to appreciate how awesome this extra luxurious super sail boat really is. The Maltese Falcon, a 289 foot long by 40 feet wide sail boat, with the ability to travel at 18+ knots and valued at $130 million, is perhaps the most advanced sail  boat around. The boat can sail with up to 12 guests; it has fiver lower decks with staterooms and one upper deck VIP cabin.

It has two 32 foot RIB tenders, four laser sailing boats, and a 14 foot Castold jet tender. The Maltese Falcon is the third largest sailing yacht in the world. If  you don’t know one bit about sailing, don’t worry, the yacht comes with the Falcon Rig, a DynaRig sailing system that can adjust those 20 story high masts with the push of a button. No more heavy duty sailing, why push and pull sails around when you could push a simple button and at the same time enjoy the view from the state of the art cabin drinking champagne with your ladies?

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