Hourglass Tantrum 5 Minute Time Out Stool

Remember in preschool when the teacher would send you to the time out corner for 5 minutes? Those 5 minutes felt like the longest minutes of your life – and half of the time the teacher would forget about you being there. The Timer Stool is actually a giant 5 minute timer so you can sit on the stool and keep track of your “timeout time.”

The stool can support up to 150 pounds, which is enough to support a kid that’s in his early teens. For $69 the mango wood hourglass will make your job of punishing the children easier than ever. No more go to your room punishments where the kid has every single type of electronic device to entertain themselves or the classic sit in that chair until you feel 5 minutes have passed by.

Unlike other punishment methods, this stool cannot be manipulated; your child will have to sit there until the last grain of sand hits the bottom of the glass.  Wisteria via Gizmodo