Did the Military Try To Smuggle a UFO Through Kansas In Plain Sight?

UFO’s are kept inside secret laboratories in Area 51, but according to Cowley County Kansas residents, the military was carrying a UFO on top of a large military truck four days ago travelling down US 77.

The residents thought the cargo was a UFO wrapped in a giant plastic bag. The video shown above talks about this super-secret cargo, they even have some images of the said UFO.

Well, according to Defense Tech, the UFO was actually an X-47B unmanned Combat Air System, judging from the video alone, no wonder they confused it with a UFO, this drone’s size and shape is massive and weird. The drone came from Northrop Grumman and is currently being shipped over to the Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, Maryland. Once it arrives to the site, they are going to conduct a series of tests to figure out whether or not this drone can pass “inspection” and can actually take off from a moving air craft carrier. I hope this drone has the GPS security hack flaw fixed; it would be a shame to see this drone brought down by Iran.