High Tech Nerd Security

If it’s one thing I’ve learned, is not to mess with the nerds in society, they are pretty smart and some people lack the brains to see it, some nerds they keep on living life without standing up against anyone… but when this guy stole Mark Bao’s MacBook Air a couple of month ago, our boy Mark did what mostly everyone should do… He figured out a way to view his computer’s history, and found the video posted above of the perp who recorded him self dancing… he didn’t even have the good moves either.

Now, for some reason Mark is not interested in filling charges against this dude who by the way Mark was able to figure out who he was by following the Browser history back to this guy’s facebook account.

Instead, Mark posted the video on You Tube, and hopes that this Dance Star. will be so embarrassed by this act that he turns the computer back to him. Well, we all know this guy isn’t going to do it, I would take the embarrassment and keep the MacBook Air but that’s just me.