Awesome Advertising on Buses Around the World

I’ve always wondered how buses get enough revenue to keep on moving. I know they charge people for the ride from one place to the next, but I’m sure it can’t be that big of a profit margin. The other day I was talking to a friend who drove buses for a living and he said that the company charges several thousand dollars to sell advertisement spots on a bus. Like a blog that sells advertisement above the fold, the side of a bus is the most valuable, followed by the back of the bus. He said that a full bus advertisement can go in upwards of $100,000 dollars. More than enough money to pay for the bus repairs and the bus driver for a year. The rest of the money is pure profit for the company.

I know my two cent’s about advertisement placement, but really, I just love advertisement images. I constantly look for new ad ideas so I can soak up some inspiration from the advertisement technique, and add it to my own company. If you ask me, some of the best advertisement companies are the ones that can use their surroundings to advertise and get their message across.

The advertising companies from the list at the bottom do a very good job at pointing out what matters the most using specific areas of a bus. They use the tail pipe to show people smoking, or the opening of the door to make people kiss. Overall, they really used their creativity to get their message to the people that matter.

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