The “Gamer” Simulator Has Come to Life

When “Gamer” came out in 2009, the instant thought I had was “wow this is a bad ass future for gaming” well, it would be if they weren’t using jailed inmates. But just recently a UK based TV show called “the Gadget Show” decided that they wanted to create a simulator that brings “Gamer” to our modern day Battle Field 3 – battle field.

The whole setup took about 6 weeks and $650,000 dollars  to build. the show used the Igloo Vision, a 360º projection dome with 5 HD projectors, to help you see your surroundings in the game. The details achieved with this projects are amazing, you can tell the difference between a grape and a raisin as good as day and night.

The show then added an omni-directional treadmill with IR motion-tracking, to help you walk around you dome without actually going anywhere and by adding  ambient lighting that actually changes as you walk through the game, they couldn’t make the experience any more realistic. To top things off, they added an incredible surround sound that lets you hears the bullets swoosh by your head.

You can also forget about the remote control, they used a set of Kinects to actually track your movements in the dome and replicate them  in the game. you can throw grenades, and even drag friends across the field by reaching out and graving them from their pack.  The remote was replaced by a plastic gun that has tracking beacons to help you aim. And to add a bit of reality to the simulator, they added 6 paintball guns that will shoot at your body every time you get shot.

All of these systems working together actually make this a fun experience, not to mention a scary one. Having a set of paintball guns aiming at your face as you walk around the terrain is not a pretty site. At least in Battle Field the experience is not that bad since a simple three shot burst can kill you. I would turn off the paintball guns if you’re going to play Halo, I don’t want to feel 80 different shots all over my body before my shields begin to go down.