Greece Declares Pedophilia a Disability and Will Pay You Money If You’re a Pedophile

PedoBear would be Proud of the Greek Government right about now. The Greek government division in charge of regulating which disabilities count as “legitimate” added a couple of new categories to the list – pedophiles, exhibitionist, and kleptomaniacs.

The Labor Ministry then added additional people to the list, the list included pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists. Pretty much anything that we consider “taboo” and “Fckud up” in the USA, Greece will give you money for it.

“OH! You like to see little girls play in the pool while you’re gambling your money away? Sweet deal! Here is $900 bucks for you”  

Now pedophiles are getting higher government disability pay than the people who are receiving organ transplants.  Peeping Toms get 20-30 percent disability rate, while people who have to take insulin shots four or five times a day get 10 percent.

No wonder they’re going broke, now everyone is going to start claiming every single disability, and the people that are supposed to be in jail are getting paid to be free. Greece has been fighting to avoid bankruptcy since 2009… It’s good to see they are putting all the money and loans they got from the Euro countries to good use… Oh Greece, you make the problems we’re facing the US seem like child’s play. Via: Yahoo News