Nissan GT-R Police Car : The Best Police Car in the World – IMO

I’ve been in several police cars before, I was even involved in a small police chase back in the day when I wanted to be a police officer so bad that I did ride alongs almost every other day. The police car, or Police Interceptor, which is just a very souped-up version of the Impala, can have a very tough time keeping up with a sports car. A Corvette, or “razer” car can easily out maneuver and out perform a police car on any given day of the week.

In order to level off the playing field, some police officer is about to start driving a very cool looking undercover Nissan GT-R. The GT-R’s cop car claims to be so advance that it practically beats Lamborghinis on a race and sends it back home crying. It can accelerate from zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds. The car comes with 4 wheel drive, and it has a computer that aids the vehicle every step of the way.

EVI, a North Virginia company that supplies vehicles to police departments in Virginia and Washington DC area, made sure that this vehicle was going to have the necessary equipment to catch up to the baddest of speeders. They did not disclose what city was going to get the vehicle, or what department was paying for the vehicle. The car is more than likely going to be used for traffic control, since there are only 2 seats in the vehicle, I highly doubt this vehicle will be used for regular domestic violence calls.

Via Ubergizmo