How The iOS 5′s Find My Friends Feature Destoryed A Marriage

When Apple released the iOS5 software, a new application called Find My Friend came per-installed with the system. This new app allowed you to pinpoint the location of any of your friends who were also using the service. This service can apparently also be used to track your lying and cheating wife. The app claimed the first marriage after a husband installed the application on his wife’s phone without her knowing it.

According to MacRumors, the husband installed the application on his wife’s phone when he was setting up the phone for her. One evening, she went out to visit her friend and claimed to be on 10th street. The husband messaged her several times but after she failed to respond he looked up the phone on the app. He thought that she might be spending time with another man that lived uptown, so he fired up the app just to rule this scenario out, to his surprised, she was on 65th street (uptown) even though she claimed that she was in a completely different area of town.

The husband said that he’s going to use the information as evidence in their divorce, depending on how accurate the application is, hey may or may not be able to use it as evidence. And THATS why all of my devices are set up by me and no one else!

MacRumors via Gizmodo