Bricks Of War – If Gears of War Was a Lego Game This Would Be It

I’ve been a big fan of Gears of War since it came out a while back, like wise, I’ve been a big fan of Lego creations since my infancy. So when someone merges them together and do a good job at it, they instantly get my attention. Kooberz’s Bricks of War is one of these mix ups that make me happy on the inside.

The video is a stop motion animation take on a game play where Marcus Fenix pretty much does what he does best, throws frags and chain saws through the Locust like a fat kid tearing through a piece of cake.

Props for coming up with this awesome short video, if Lego games were this fun, I think I’d buy one just for the heck of it. Plus Marcus Fenix still looks like a bad ass – even in Lego form. Via¬†YouTube