Smellit: Lets You Smell the Movies and Video Games

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking!? With this new addition to your consoles, you just might.

A while back they had a thing called the Smell-O-Vision, it was introduced in some movie theaters around the US. The Movie theater would send out smells to match what ever was going on in the scene. Now, thanks to Smellit, you will be able to enjoy the same smells in the comfort of your home.

Smellit works by mixing combinations of fragrances and using small fans to pump them into your room. It uses a computer to time the smell with the game or movie you are watching. I have one question though, who’s the guy that determines how something smells? I’ve bought the little pine tree car smell things at wal-mart before, and trust me, they don’t smell like no pine tree.

The company that’s developing these devices is located in France, it’s being manufactured by Olf Action, and they claim that this is really going to be an awesome addition to your entertainment. Let’s see if they are right, they haven’t released any information on the price so we’ll just have to wait and see how expensive the first version is going to cost.

Behance Network, via Engadget