Amateur Scientist Catches Neighborhood On Fire After He Fails To Turn His Poop Into Gold

Remember the scientist from back in the day that have been immortalized by history books and movies? People called them, Crazy Persons, Witches, Psycho Scientist, or Nut Cases of the time, but we know them as Einstein, or Nikola Tesla now days. There were however other scientists that no one ever remembers for a very special reason, they drink acid thinking it was the elixir of life, or they jump off the Eiffel Tower with bat wings that never worked. Well I can safely say that we can add another scientist to the list.

We know that alchemy is something that intrigues most of us, the ability to turn led into gold. Now that we know how expensive we can sell gold for, people are once again trying to figure out how to add that extra atom to led to make a fortune. Unfortunately this belief also pulled some wackos out of hiding. Paul Moran is an amateur scientist that was trying to cook up his own poop combined with fertilizer and other unknown “secret chemicals” on a heater in his house. His ultimate goal was to turn his poop into gold. Unfortunately his alchemy books didn’t go into to much detail and ended up catching his Enniskillen, Northern Ireland apartment block on fire. Paul’s Lawyer told the court that he’s “a man of considerable intellectual ability.” but the judge didn’t buy it and sentenced him to three months in jail.

I don’t know what he was trying to mix exactly but the smell was probably horrible, I can only imagined if he actually pulled it off and starts to sell an instructions booklet – Turn your Poo into Gold for dummies! What would you do? what kind of mixtures would you try to pull off to turn into gold?

Via: Belfast Telegraph