Man Plans to Live Entirely Off His Wife’s Breast Milk

We have never written a WTF article, but this one is probably going to be up in that category. So here is the quick story.

Katie, a lactation expert, has had three premature babies, they each ended up in NICU. Because of her fear that her milk was going to dry up, she began to pump every two hours. Until she ended up filling an entire freezer of bottles full of breast milk. Eventually the family had to move, and they found that transporting the milk was going to be an expensive process. Instead of dissposing of the milk, her husband Curtis decided that he was going to take one for the team and survive entirely out of breast milk for as long as his body will let him.

Him and his wife started an experiment to see how long a 6’4″ adult 185 human could sustain life with nothing but breast milk. They are on the third day of the experiment and apparently he’s consuming over 3100 calories a day.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like milk that much to begin with. You can keep up with their blog here: Dont Have a Cow Man! if you need some milk, they are willing to give you some but only if you are very very serious.