The Soup That Is Killing the Ocean (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

This is one of the first videos that really made me change my opinion on a topic. Usually when I see the commercials on TV about sponsoring a dog or a cat, I tend to change the channel. Not because I’m a heartless punk, but because I see them so much it usually is a company trying to get donations to not get anything done right.

What you are about to see is probably one of the worst videos that talks about shark fin soup. If you know what that is and have tried it, shame on you!  According to Gizmodo Shark fin soup was once an emperor’s dish. But with the record-breaking increase in wealth in China, the soup—which can fetch up to $200 per bowl—is now available to the rapidly expanding Chinese upper middle class.

This means thousands of people are now eating shark fin soup, if you thought Whale Hunting was bad, think about this numbers instead. Fishermen are killing over 1.5 million sharks per week, up to 70 million sharks per year. Most of them are the hammer head shark, which is an endangered species. The worst part, is that after taken on board, the fishermen cut the fins and tails and then throw them back into the ocean to bleed to death.

Warning: don’t watch this if you cry easily. To learn more Check this link