How Much Has the Internet Changed in the Last 15 Years

Back in the 90’s I remember getting online for the first time to AOL.com so I could use their chat rooms. At the time, we only had 1000 minutes of internet or something along those lines. I remember waiting for the next disk from AOL with additional minutes. Then there was Juno… a whole bunch of minutes for half the price.  And really, the only cool thing about the internet then, was Aol chat. Of Course now days we complain about a webpage not being formatted the right way, or even having pictures out of place, but just look at the internet from 1996 to 2011 see how much has changed?

The infographic below does an awesome example at showing us exactly what has changed from our current browsers and the oh-so-popular Netscape browser from the 90’s

Created by: Online University