Will Darpa’s new Mach 20 Missile ever Become a Reality?

We all know that DARPA has a couple of insane plans for the future, they claim that these new projects will help the US defend them selves against terrorist attacks etc. A new project they call Prompt Global Strike is actually a project that will take out any terrorist target within an hour after launch.

On trial number one the missile that’s supposed to travel at mach 20, but it failed horribly. After take off, the missile crashed just 9 minutes after losing contorl. The agency was given one last try to get it working properly or the Mach20 Project will have to be canceled in it’s tracks.

TheĀ  whole Idea is to have a super sonic missile they call the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2, this missile is a part of an early strike weapons system. On Wednesday morning at 7 AM PDT the air craft will have the second chance at flying. Since Darpa claims that they found the flaw in their design they will have 30 minutes to fly from point A to point B, if it makes it, the project will continue, but if it fails… we’ll have to go back to square one and the project will be shut down that same morning.

Via Wired