Army Helicopter Drops Hellfire Missile Over Texas Neighborhood

At least this wasn’t as bad as when the US dropped a nuclear bomb over a small town in Georgia, but still pretty bad none of the less. About one hudnred homes were evacuated from Killeen TX near Fort Hood on Tuesday night after an Apache Helicopter was performing a routine flight and accidentally dropped a hellfire missile.

As the helicopter was flying above a neighborhood people saw the object falling from the helicopter around 8 pm, which to me is surprising since it’s kind of hard to see that late at night, and the fact that you live near the military base Apache helicopters would get kind of boring to see after a while. Regardless, after the object dropped from the sky, the neighborhood went into an instant evacuation.

Later on, the Army found the missile sunk into the ground, an official said that the missile did not have any explosives nor did it have a propulsion system. He went on to say that the aircrafts from the military base never fly over civilian areas with live ammunitions. [Washington Post]