Our Universe may Have Crashed Agaisnt Other Universes

According to a couple of researchers, our universe has crashed against four other universes in the past.  The theory states that just outside our very universe, other universes are constantly appearing and disappearing. Each one of them have their own bubble of space and time. For the most part, these universes are so far away from our own universe, that they don’t crash against us or even bother our existence, but sometimes, one of them springs up right next to ours and it crashes onto our universe. Another good thing that we have going for us, is our size, from the looks of it, our universe is bigger than the other universes.

According to a group of cosmologist from the University College London, when our universe get’s smacked by another universe, the crash tends to leave a mark. The mark resembles a disk like pattern made out of microwave radiation, these marks stay with the universe for billions of years, and the Scientists have found a total of 4 marks in our universe. Meaning it’s crashed “at minimum” four times.

Even though they found what they believe is a multi-universe collision, they said that they still need a whole bunch of data to really conclude the existence of other universes. Thanks to our microwave satellites, sometime in 2013 we’ll be able to know if there are other universes out there. And if there are… well… I think it’s just going to be sad and depressing. Knowing that there are other universes out there… even half the size of our universe is just to much to comprehend, what’s the point of travel at that time? we can’t even land a human on Mars yet, and were supposed to go outside of our universe and onto another one? bummer… at least this is good news for the possible existence of other life forms.

Via Science Blog