Ford and Toyota’s Future Joint Venture for Future Hybrid Vehicles

So picture this, you are the CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation, and while you are waiting for your plane to arrive, you meet another CEO of a multimillion corporation that just happens to be one of your competitors; what do you do?

Well, the CEO of Toyota and the CEO of Ford met each other at an unspecified airport while they were waiting for their planes to take off. Instead of sitting there wasting their time, they actually got to talking and had the chance to come up with a couple of new ideas.

The outcome of the meeting was a memorandum of understanding for the very first joint venture that Ford and Toyota have ever pursued with each other.

If they actually pull this through, in 2012, the companies will work together to develop a hybrid system for larger vehicles like the F-150, F-250, and Large SUV’s like the Explorer. We should see very high MPG vehicles coming since both companies have a very good reputation with hybrid vehicles already. Ford has the Fusion that gives amazing MPG, likewise Toyota has the Prius that has a very good track record with it’s consumers.

This move will also lower the price of vehicles and will also increase the popularity and the standards of the telematic system. This is the system that is in charge of enabling drivers to make phone calls, track e-mails, keep up with social networks, and other social activities while driving.

While I don’t care much for the in phone system YET, anything that can give me more than my current 16 mpg on the highway, sign me up for that!