Feds Post Help Wanted Signs at Defcon

The U.S. was embarrassed earlier this year when LolSec took down several government agencies’ websites. So much in fact, that the Feds went down to Defcon, the Hacker’s convention in Las Vegas, to ask for help.

The United States’ websites have flaws and vulnerabilities, and who better to find these flaws than the hackers themselves. The people hiring right now are the Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Home Land Security, and the National Security Administration. The NSA alone is trying to hire nearly 3,000 hackers in the next 2 years.

Richard “Dickie” George, technical director of the NSA’s Information Assurance Directorate, the agency’s cyber-defense side said, “Today it’s cyber warriors that we’re looking for, not rocket scientists”

The NSA needs cyber security experts to harden networks, defend them with updates, do “penetration testing” to find security holes and watch for any signs of cyber attacks, so if you fit the bill and don’t mind working for the big brother, then this is the place for you.  But if you want to be internationally famous by hacking into a top secret place, you might want to keep on looking “You’re not going to make yourself famous working here, that’s the downside. You can be internally famous, but you can’t be externally famous,” George said. The only Upside to that is that you probably won’t get in trouble for doing it. Hack into China? no problem, the US has your back.

But here is the problem, most of these hackers have Zero amount of funding, and they typically take down websites and hack into government agencies for fun. The feds could potentially be hiring a group of people who have horrible intentions, effectively giving them security clearances to wreak havoc from the inside out.

Via Huffington Post