Toshiba Satellite Series Zombie Commercial

Okay, so they got my attention, I’m not a big fan of the Toshiba Laptops, in fact, the only times I’ve searched for the Satellite Series was when I was looking for a cheap alternative for a spare computer … which for some reason has out performed my computer on several occasions… Earlier today, while I watched television I saw this commercial and thought: Hmm… let me see what they have, and it turns out, they have a lot of really cool features.

One of them is the USB Sleep and Charge capability which allows you to charge your devices and cellphones while the computer is sleeping. I would buy it just for this, you have no Idea how many times I’ve been stuck with nothing but an USB charger on an extra long car ride. I normally have to turn my computer and plug in my phone, only to have an extra bright white light while I drive… which is not only unsafe, but it drains the laptop’s computer and then you’re stuck with no phone and no battery.

The New Satellite series also has Resolution+ which is just the same thing as HD resolution except it’s a little brighter and cleaner looking.

Another awesome feature that have, is the brand new, Smart Hard Drive technology, it pretty much detects when your computer is about to fall, or is about to get hit and it automatically protects your hard drive from losing it’s components… I’ve dropped a computer before and my data is completely wiped out… either that, or I end up with the blue screen of death. So you can think of this Smart HDD Technology¬† as the “anti scratch” disk capability that the old CD players had a long time ago.

They really did think about everything… they even helped fend off a zombie attack in the process.