Wearable lab coat TV packs thousands of LEDs

Well, I’ve seen it all now… alright maybe not, but still, I thought that my 50″ TV at home was awesome, but this guy just made a lab coat that plays video… now I’m left behind in the TV world yet again…

I’m not sure how practical this would be, it does have it’s minor glitches and stuff but it’s not a bad trick. It uses a 12V battery powered 160×120 pixel monitor that has the ability of displaying NTSC Analog video from an iPod that you have to carry in your pocket. I don’t really see this kind of clothing to become very popular, but I can guarantee you that this guy already has a prospective buyer… Lady Gaga would LOVE to wear this on stage.

The Coat is “coated” with thousands of LEDs all controlled by a pair of circuit boards. The TV-Coat maker, Forbes, spent six months creating this awesome gadget, and spent about $20,000 in parts and time… Awesome job, just… to tricky and expensive for my taste. Check out the video below so you can see how it looks in action.  Via: TechCrunch