How to Get a Free Spotify Invite : Contest

Now that Spotify is finally in the united states you are probably wondering, how to get a part of the action? If you don’t already know what Spotify is, check out our Spotify Article explaining what it’s all about.

Well, Spotify has a very exclusive list of people that can get in, if you thought Google+ was hard, this is 10 times harder. The only way you can go straight into the action is by purchasing one of two plans: $4.99 a month for unlimited streaming ad free for your computer only. Or a $9.99 a month mobile streaming. The free version which has ads and about 20 hours of streaming music per month is currently only available through invites. But here is the catch, not everyone can invite people. you have to have a paid account to invite someone. Even then, when you do send out an invite you max out at Five invites total for the free account version.

Lucky for some of you, we have those 5 invites available and we want to give them away. But unlike our Google+ Invite, we have to be picky to who we send out our Spotify Invites. So here is how this works:

Make sure that you are “connected” with us on one of our social accounts. Many people leave us comments and at the end of the contest, we have no Idea of how to contact them.

Then, leave us a comment with a simple reason as to why you want to get Spotify, and what band you will listen to first. Make sure that your comment is both creative but short. On Wednesday July 27, we’ll pick out the Five (5) lucky winners and send you an invite!

Simple and sweet uh? Good Luck!