Haven’t Gotten a Google+ Invite Yet? We’ll share the love with you!

So, are you still trying to get a Google+ account and but aren’t able to? Or has anyone already invited you but when you try to accept the invitation it says “Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.”

Well, then you are in luck, we’ll send you an invite, just leave us a comment in our Facebook with the words “Google+ Invite” and we’ll send you an invitation as soon as we get to your name. You can also send us a tweet @tekbull and we’ll get to it once we see it. In the mean time, here is my review of what I think about Google+.

So let’s get down to the Nitty-Gritty: So why has Google taken so long to release more Invites? -Well, for starters, Google+ is still in the development stages, as you will quickly find out. When you try to upload a profile picture, at times it states that there is a security flaw with the picture, or it will say that the image can only be a JPG or PNG file… I loved this one: “your image is to large” … 2k image was to large?… really? …. but at the end, I finally managed to get my image onto the screen. SO… yes… the service currently has more bugs than a fly trap, but it’s worth it, and it’s fun. Their Google app is no better than the website, that thing crashes all the time, but I’m still using it.

So the actual profile: When you sign in on to the account, you will be met with a whole bunch of whiteness, the site looks very minimalistic, meaning that Google will incorporate some sort of ad and other gadgets or widgets onto the side bars. Right now Google+ looks more like an older version of facebook. BUT it already looks better than MySpace so that’s a good thing. Plus really, I think Google is going to be adding everything service they have into one Giant Hub, I’ll explain what I mean in a minute.

There is no, “news feed” so you cant really see what all your friends are doing unless they decide to share their content with you. When someone shares something with your circle, you will be able to see what they shared with you on your own wall. When someone comes to view your profile, they will ONLY see the things you shared with them.

The actual features are great though, I wont go into much detail about how the circles work since you can already find a vast number of articles regarding that subject. But in layman’s terms, you can add friends and people to a circle, when you add them, they will NOT know what circle you added them to, and vise versa. But when you decide to share something with someone, Only the people in your circle will receive the information. For example, you can have your boss in a circle called “bosses and important people” and then you can have co workers, under “cool co-workers” and then you can also have a circle for “co workers who like to snitch” so from your end, you have your people separated, but from their end, they think they are all part of the cool crowd. — Just like in real life! So that way when you share the pictures from the night before about you throwing a party in your bosses office, only the “cool co workers” will be able to see it. Leaving the boss, and the snitches secluded away from the naughty stuff.

About the whole HUB deal I was talking about earlier: I really see Google+ picking up some speed in the next couple of weeks, as more people get added to the service, and google begins to incorporate all of their services into one, You can probably expect to see some of the features like Picasa, Youtube, Blogger, Gmail, Buzz, and your Android devices, all incorporated into the Google+ Social Site.  They already added the +1 feature, if you are not familiar with that, it’s the “social search engine” feature by google. Every time you like a specific website or search result, you can rank it up by pressing the +1 button so all of your friends can find that same website easier. Rank us up!  we have a couple of those buttons laying around our site, One of them is on the left of the blog. The other is at the bottom Feature Bar, and the third is under “connect with us on the top right of our blog!”

Google is at a very awesome position here, IF they play their cards right they may offer facebook a very good run for their money. I don’t think they will completely take Facebook down like Facebook took down MySpace, but they will do some damage. Anyways, enjoy the Fun, and go check out the new Social Site!

We hope you enjoy Google+ as much as we’re trying to enjoy it! We’ll see you there!