9 Bizarre “Love” Hotel Rooms

As a Private Investigator I’ve seen my fair share of Hotel Rooms, everything from $300 dollar per night rooms in San Antonio, down to the $14 per hour hotel rooms in Houston (I didn’t stay there after I heard the price). For the most part, you start to pick out specific things and details about where to stay and where not to stay. Usually when a hotel room has “color tv” on their Advertisement Signs… I stay away from that place and move on to the next town. But, what if the sign said “whips and chains in every room” or “wooden horse with a strap on” … would you try to find out what the hell that’s all about? I’ve heard of Love Hotels, down in the south, they are called Shack Hotels. However, in Japan, they are called “Love” Hotels. There is a big difference between Love, and “Love” as you’re about to find out.

According to Wikipedia, “A love hotel is a type of short-stay hotel found around the world operated primarily for the purpose of allowing couples privacy for sexual activities.” Diana Adams from Bitrebels made a very good point in her article, she said “before you start thinking these are only prostitution rooms, consider this. In many countries, it’s still customary for extended families to live in the same house. If that’s the case, perhaps these rooms are also rented by married couples who just want to have some alone time for a change

At least they get the privacy they are looking for. Everything from the lobby attendant to the bedroom is private.  From my understanding, you can pay through a hole in the wall where the attendant, an elderly woman, can’t see your face. Or… if you are more conscious about your privacy, you can buy a room using a vending machine.

From the looks of the pictures, taken by Misty Keasler, I think the couple has to release more than just a couple of day’s frustration. You are talking about whips, chains, cages… wooden horses… what the heck do you need a wooden horse for!? or even a merry-go-round? one of the rooms even has a cross with chains…. there is another picture that we didn’t include in the article because it’s not SFW-ish so you’ll have to go here to check it out.  Overall, these rooms are kind of crazy, all of them are overseas, so if you want to enjoy one, you’re pretty much SOL.

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