20 of the Best and most Elaborate 404 Pages EVER

404 pages are amazing, most people, including our selves are not creative enough to come up with amazing 404 pages, but if you play your cards right you can use your 404 to increase your popularity through your website. These are some of the best pages we found while we searched the internet. Some are amazingly creative while the other ones not so much. Check out the video at the bottom to see a special 404 video.

[nggallery id=15]

The following 404 page doesn’t use pictures, instead they use an amazing video of a couple of soldiers being shot down by a rouge 404 page, eventually the page is taken down by the soldiers!

“When a page on this website goes rogue — and a code 404 arises — we dispatch one of our teams to bring it back. Ideally they are able to salvage the missing page, but sometimes, if the page is truly lost, they have to take it out (resulting in the subsequent code 500 when the page gets taken down).”

Nosh: 404 from Firespotter Labs on Vimeo.