Turn a Lighter an Altoids Tin into a grill

Okay, so maybe this is more of a show piece than any thing else, at it’s best, you can probably use this as a hot plate to heat up water. This grill took the whole Altoid Grill Fad into a new level, it’s an easy conversion of an Altoids Tin Can, and a lighter into a grill, It’s found over at instructables Altoid Gas Grill and it’s definitely a fun project for the weekend.

Instructables has the Ste-by-Step guide on their site, but just in case you didn’t want to follow the steps using the pictures, check out the video below.

So yea, maybe you wont be able to do this with your ordinary stuff you have at home, you’ll need more than just the lighter and an Altoids to get this done, but the material list is pretty easy to get, you need two cans, some aluminum tape, the lighter, a small coffee tube, and a coat hangar.

Also, this is not a grill that can cook your food “safely” since you are using butane gas there are some health risks behind it, but you could always place a small pot of water (possibly made out of another tin can) or even use this as a survival tool but that’s about it… either way, this is a fun do-able Instructable; Check out the video below.