Public Health supported by Mobile devices-mHealth

Recently, there have been several devices created for smartphones that are beginning to change the world of health care and the way that it is performed. Three such inventions are the Withings blood pressure cuff, the iCard ECG, and the iBGStar. Whether you are a trained professional, like myself, or just the average joe on the street, the devices are easy to use and understand.

A new device by Withings will allow you to plug a blood pressure cuff directly into an iPhone, iTouch or iPad. So whether you are on the go in the back of an ambulance racing through a busy street or in privacy of your own home, you could just plug in this blood pressure cuff and have a quick and accurate reading right at your finger tips.

The iCard ECG allows patients to monitor their own electrocardiogram with an iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Droid or Tablet. It’s very simple to use, you put the case on your phone, turn on the app, and hold it to your chest. No more bulky machines to lug around with the gooey adhesive electrodes that pull off all of your chest hair.

And last but not least, the iBGStar it connects directly to the docking port on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. Plug it in, pull up the app, insert testing strip, poke the finger, and soak up a drop of blood. The adapter displays the the results and it also appears on the app screen.

The bottom line: The world is becoming a more technology based society where everything will eventually be performed by multi-use-devices, with a simple add-on or an app, such as these. Eventually you’ll see more and more of these inventions hitting the market.

Via: EMS2