New verizon of Find ‘My iPhone’ can record who ever has your phone!

Apple’s Find My iPhone service has been around for some time now. It’s similar to the “hidden app” available for computers. The service allows you to find your iPhone when you have misplaced it, or when someone steals your phone. It’s an amazing tool that has come in handy time after time. Now, according to some new patents, this application could be getting an amazing upgrade that can make it even better.

The New application will not only find the phone for you, but it will also allow you to use your phones camera, and microphone to see and hear where in the world your iPhone is. Once you are in the menu, you will be able to activate/deactivate certain applications or files. The application also gives you the ability to “scramble” your files instead of completely erasing them, that way when you retrieve your phone, you’ll be able to unscramble them again and continue to live your life as if nothing happened.

This application is still under “construction” and currently they only have this application completed “on paper” or in this case, on a patent. Once it’s released I’m sure it’s going to be a heck of an application that everyone is going to be jumping up and down for. We’ll just have to wait and see where this goes, we’ll get back to you when this hits the App Market.

Patently Apple