Concept mouse lets you feel how full your electronic folder is

If you want to know exactly how much of those multimedia items you have in your PC’s folders, you can buy this special mouse, and you’ll be able to know exactly how full those files really are.

The mouse is called the DataBot, it tries to add some weight to all those files. The mouse has a wheel on the back, and the way that it works is by releasing a  “break” pad on the back wheel to make it difficult to move your mouse when you hover over a folder.

So let’s say that you are scrolling over folders, the break pad makes the ball stick to the table top. So if you are moving freely over your folders and then your mouse randomly stops moving, then you know that you hit the jackpot…

The mouse uses the trackball function, so you’ll have to say goodby to your laser mouse, so I guess you’re out of luck. This is an awesome mouse that encourages the purge of documents and files that you no longer need. The mouse also has a HDD Feature which expands and contracts based on the amount of space being used up.

Here’s a video of the DataBot hardware in action:

Via: Dvice

DataBot Mouse from Jan Barth on Vimeo.