Brain implant could help the paralized walk again.

What does our future hold in store for us? Controlling a cursor with your brain? eh, that’s to easy, modify that to control an Xbox Controller and you have something special. How about restoring movement to paralyzed mice?┬áit’s old news, they can do it… not perfect but they can do it. Help a wheelchair bound man walk again using only his thoughts? Now you’re cooking with some gas

If the researchers at the University of Michigan get their way, their new development called BioBolt can be implanted inside on top of their cortex rather than penetrate the cortex. The implant is inserted via an easily covered dime sized hole in the skull and feeds patterns from firing neurons to a computer using only your skin. The main final goal is to help the paralyzed walk again. There is still many many years to go before this technology is working perfect, but this is an awesome start to a cure.

Via: Technology Review