Sony’s PSN is back online, and along with it, a new security flaw.

After being down for nearly a month, the PSN was finally brought back online. In April, Sony said it would not restore the service until the proper security measures were in place. When PSN came back online everything seemed to be working properly until Today. Sony was forced to take down Playstation.com and Qriocity.com websites for “maintenace”

While this may not be a “security flaw” it still worries many players, the new network allows you to change your password to the PSN Network by visiting a “password reset” page. The page asks for your PSN e-mail address, and a person’s date of birth… and since the last attack stole personal information from it’s users, the hackers have access to that information already so they can easily change your password before the legitimate user can.

While PSN is not down for PS3 and PSP owners, it has many users still worried about the security of Sony’s new network. If they missed a simple security flaw like that, what else did they miss? Sony was just set back yet again, not a large hiccup but enough of a hiccup when Playstation is trying to regain the trust and loyalty of many PSN users.