IBM’s Watson is learning to properly diagnose our medical problems

IBM’s super computer Watson came out on the news a while ago when it started to whoop Human Opponents rear’s on Jeopardy, but thats not good enough for IBM, they now want Watson to start learning medical terms and books so it can effectively diagnose what is wrong with us.

Watson became the Jeopardy Expert by following a simple method, take in and devour text references from encyclopedias, history books, film scripts, novels, articles, blogs, etc. and using an algorithm it was able to piece the questions together, now IBM is loading up Medical journals, textbooks, papers, and loading up information from Medical sites, forums, and medical blogs.

This is in hopes that some day in the near future Dr. Watson will be able to diagnose our body almost instantly. Basically what IBM is trying to do is create Commander Data from Star Trek so that way we can all harness the power of a huge knowledge base. After the medicine, comes pop culture, and then who knows.

Via: PhysOrg & PopSci