Cyber Thieves Target Corporate Secrets

Cyber crooks found a more effective way to make money online, whats the point of stealing someone’s identity when in reality that identity could be worth as little as $100 dollars? Instead go for the actual money maker, and start stealing Corporate Secrets. Find the Recipe for CoCa Cola classic, or Pepsi, and sell that to an underground business or underground company for millions, or even black mail the owners of the product for money. Either way this is bad for everyone, sooner or later the attacks will shift into a different path and were all going to be in trouble, Last thing I want is my mothers recipe to get sold to a big company, no sir!
Cybercriminals have shifted their focus from physical assets to data-driven properties, such as trade secrets or product planning documents,” said Simon Hunt, vice president and chief technology officer for endpoint security at McAfee. “We’ve seen significant attacks targeting this type of information. Sophisticated attacks such as Operation Aurora, and even unsophisticated attacks like Night Dragon, have infiltrated some of the of the largest, and seemingly most protected corporations in the world. Criminals are targeting corporate intellectual capital and they are often succeeding.

About 1/4 of the companies that were surveyed by McAfee stated that they had some sort of data break, a couple of them stated that just a simple threat of a data breach has put a solid stop on merger plans or even new product releases. The bad thing about all of this is that less than half of them actually took the time to do anything about it or to even prevent this from happening again.  The main reason this breach is so popular now days is due ot the economic collapse, these companies have to spend 1 million dollars a week to keep important and critical data stored, the worse the economy goes down for the worst, the cheaper the companies have to find affordable store units which lack the security measures incorporated by more expensive products. China, Russia, and Pakistan are probably the least secure areas for storing the data while the US UK and Germany are perceived as the safest.

To generate the report, McAfee and the SAIC worked with

Vanson Bourneto survey more than 1,000 senior IT decision makers across the U.S., U.K, Japan, China, India, Brazil, and the Middle East during November and December of last year. This latest report is a follow-up to a 2008 report entitled “Unsecured Economies,” which at the time found that cybercrime was costing companies more than $1 trillion globally.

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