Anti-Black holes “White Holes” might actually exist

So here the deal, an old theory states that for every force in the universe, including matter, there has to be an opposite. In this case, the opposite of a black hole would be considered a white hole… literally. It is believed that while a black hole gobbles up everything in the universe, a white hole actually spews it out. Were still trying to understand what is going on in our universe and just when we thought that things were strange enough, things took a turn into the twilight zone.

A couple of years ago we may have actually seen a white hole without us knowing it. Gamma ray bursts are usually associated with supernovas. However, in 2006, one of our satellites actually received a random gamma ray burst that wasn’t attached to a Supernova. Scientists believe that the Gamma Burst was created by the collapse of a white hole.

Now, to really understand what is going on, in layman’s terms, white holes operate different than black holes. The white holes spontaneously pop into existence for a very quick and small amount of time, a few hundred seconds or so, which is considered a snap of a finger in universe time. During this time, the holes are actually releasing matter and gamma ray bursts in all different directions before collapsing in on themselves and forming black holes…

So far this is all just a theory, but the same was said about black holes up until just the last few decades ago, and now we have concluded that Black holes exist, and almost every single galaxy has a black hole at it’s core.

What’s especially interesting about white holes is that they have no known rules that we know off. White Holes are spontaneous and when they appear they create a ton of matter similar to the Big Bang, to the point where they’re also being referred to as “Small Bangs.” … imagine one of those appearing on the side of the earth… at first we’d be freaked out, then we’d be mesmerized by the light, and then we have a rock the size of Jupiter rushing towards the earth…

Via: arXiv. Dvice