The Biometric Wallet, Only YOU can open this $825 wallet.

Okay check this wallet out, it costs about $825 dollars and the designer claims that only the owner of the wallet can open it with his finger print. Now the actual designer (Dunhill) claims that the wallet is virtually indestructible since it’s made out of a durable Carbon Fiber shell, the only problem is that if someone does steal your wallet, not only are you out of what ever you had inside the wallet, but you will be out of $825 dollars that you paid to get the wallet.

Now if they could incorporate a GPS unit this wouldn’t be such a bad deal. The wallet does come with an alarm system, so that’s not that bad, but thats not going to stop anyone from stealing it. The alarm works via blue tooth, once your phone is hooked up to the wallet and it leaves the 15 foot radius, the alarm starts going off.  I’m sure with the determination of some of the criminals on the street this wallet would easily be broken into in a matter of a few hours, maybe minutes I don’t know. But I do know that Bank Vaults are virtually impenetrable and when I worked at a bank several years ago one of the tellers was accidentally locked in the vault, we had to call a locksmith who opened the “impenetrable” vault in 2 Hours. I’m just saying. You can read more at Dital Trends