Developing Bugs for Bio Fuel

These scientist over at Joule Unlimited have been trying to develop a super bug to revolutionize the Bio-Diesel industry.

The answer they’ve come up with is a diesel secreted by a genetically engineered microbe in flat glass bioreactors. The only inputs for its “biofactory” organism are sunlight, pumped-in carbon dioxide, and some nutrients.

These people have much more to go before they can actually figure out an efficient method of producing this bio diesel. But so far they have a good start. It has been 4 years in the making and it’s still going strong although they face opposition from the public after the bad reputation bio diesel has gave companies like Joule Unlimited for a failed attempt at making ethanol from corn or wheat, which all it did was raise corn prices off the roof, much of the public attention has turned to electric vehicles to take a step towards a greener planet.

The main problem here is the fact looking for an all new source of energy,  for example Electric vehicles, is going to cost millions if not Billions of dollars trying to convert the Gas Power vehicles into Electric Power, we need to find a way to keep those vehicles running on Bio Diesel that is easy, inexpensive, yet multifunctional. A challenge that companies like Joule Unlimited is ready to take on.

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