Brazil To Start Cloning Endangered Species Of Animals

Endangered animals are a drag, you know, because they are going extinct and all. But Brazil is actually doing something about it. They just recently started a program who’s main purpose is program to clone animals that are currently at risk of going extinct. The animals that they currently have in mind include the Tamarins, Maned Wolves, Jaguars, and the Black Lions.

Over the past few years, the Brazilian researchers have been collecting genetic samples from hundreds of local, yet, endangered species of animals. Now that they have a good number in their hands, they want to start cloning them to preserve the animals currently in captivity. Their main goal is to maintain the healthy living animals in zoos and other protected areas without having to go into the wild animal’s natural habitat to extract them from there. Basically, we’ll have animals stored away and we’ll let the ones in the wild run their course… which means that other animals – mainly us – will exterminate them the way we’ve been doing lately.

The first animal to be cloned, the Maned Wolf, it should happen in the next quarter of the year. The researchers are not planning on using clones to increase population of animals, but they hope that IF a species of animal is about to be 100% exterminated, they will be able to create enough animals to maintain balance to the bio-system.

I wonder if Peta will have anything to say about this? I guess we’ll find out when we start cloning Maned Wolf fur coats – IPS News, via io9