All Women Need to “Climax” Is Exercise

A new study has come to a fascinating conclusion for women.  It says that all women really need to reach “Climax” is not a man or even an “electrical assistant”, but exercise.

The idea that women could reach this point while working out has been tossed around in the media for a long time.  According to the researcher on the study Debby Herbenick, co-director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, now there is qualitative and quantitative data to back up the long help beliefs.

The study used online surveys to gather data from women ages 18 to 63 with an average age of 30 and 69 percent reported being heterosexual.  In the survey there were answers from two groups of women:  124 that confessed to having “exercise-induced climax,” and 246 women that reported some kind of sexual pleasure from exercise.

Out of both groups 40 percent reported having “induced-pleasure” on 11 different occasions.  This led some women to become embarrassed when they were working out in a public area.

The exercises have been labeled “coregasms” because abdominal muscle exercises are most commonly related to causing orgasms.  Forty-five percent said their first experience was related to abdominal exercise.  Other exercises attributed were biking or spinning with 19 percent; 9.3 percent happened while climbing poles or ropes; 7 percent with weight lifting; and 7 percent running.  There were also other varied exercises such as swimming, elliptical machines, yoga, and aerobics.  The pleasure group had more exercises linked than the “climax” group.

Some of the women were very detailed on the open-ended questions of the surveys, which gave the researchers much more narrowed information.  For instance, the abdominal exercise where the woman would have to place her arms on a “captain’s chair” and raise her knees to her chest produced more “climaxes” than other exercises.

This also helped to determine that the “climax” resulted after multiple sets rather than just a couple of repetitions. So, the more a woman exerted herself she was more likely to reach “climax” or at the very least have some sort of pleasure.

There is still much more research to be conducted as researchers are still not sure why exercise leads to this kind of climax.  In the meantime, they hope their study will help women learn more about their bodies, and maybe find another important reason for exercise.