Steve Jobs’ Cancer Could Have Been Cured But He Chose Acupuncture Instead of Surgery

As it turns out, Steve Jobs’ death could have been avoided by modern medicine. The only reason his cancer could not be cured was because Jobs choose better natural and alternative methods. Forbes reported that according to Steve Jobs’ biographer, Walter Isaacson, Jobs came to regret the decision he had made years earlier to reject potentially life-saving surgery in favor of alternative treatments like acupuncture, dietary supplements and juices. By the time that Jobs finally understood and realized that surgery and medicine was the way to go, the cancer was too advanced and had already metastasized. In the last years of his life Jobs sought out cutting-edge experimental methods to beat cancer; but even they were not good enough to keep him alive.

Jobs’ cancer had been discovered by accident during a CT scan in 2003 to look for kidney stones, during which doctors saw a “shadow” on his pancreas. Isaacson told CBS’ 60 Minutes last night that while the news was not good, the upside was that the form of pancreatic cancer from which Jobs suffered (a neuroendocrine islet tumor) was one of the 5% or so that are slow growing and most likely to be cured.

After the cancer diagnosis, Jobs was asked to have the cancer surgically removed, but he refused the procedure because he, “didn’t want [his] body to be opened…[he] didn’t want to be violated in that way.” For nearly nine months, Jobs was using dietary treatments and other alternative methods to help him beat cancer. His early resistance to surgery was apparently incomprehensible to his wife and close friends, who continually urged him to do it.

Thousands of people now days are against modern medicine because it’s not 100% effective, or because it’s not “natural,” or they read about the small but serious complications that can arise from surgery. But even if a treatment is only 25% effective, it is always better than being told “your chances of dying are 100%.”

I’m sure that you could say Acupuncture could cure sicknesses, or taking natural juices can cure the body from an illness, but the fact of the matter is that science and medical procedures work, and unlike natural supplement sellers who claim their juices or meditations will cure cancer, the doctors who perform surgeries have solid evidence that the surgery they perform works – most of the time. And to me, most of the time is better than none of the time.