DRACO – a New Drug that Cures All Virus Infections

Vaccines can be a little tricky, specially the viral vaccines. For the most part, penicillin can kick the living life out of most bacterial infections, but viruses are in a completely different ball game. The problem with Viral Infections is the fact that when you try to cure a virus, the virus mutates extremely fast, making the newly discovered vaccine pointless. Well, Scientist at Lincoln Laboratory’s Chemical, Biological, and Nanoscale Technologies Group, have developed a brand new type of drug they call DRACO that actually destroys any, and all viruses! no questions asked… PERIOD!

This new drug doesn’t care if the virus has mutated or if the virus is completely different from the other viruses, as long as it’s a virus, this vaccine will kill it. This means the HIV virus might have finally met its match! Here is how it works, the virus infects one of your cells, it then reprograms your cell to make more viruses, this process repeats it’s self over and over and over again. The virus has to make long strings of double stranded RNA’s which is the main characteristic of all viruses. A normal healthy cell will NEVER make this double stranded RNA. When DRACO is introduced into the body, its mission is to find these RNA strands, once it locates them, it actually instructs your cells to commit suicide effectively killing the virus and preventing it from even knowing what hit it. This cell suicide also prevents the virus from having the ability to mutate since it never gets the chance to replicate.

Talk about an effective and violent way to destroy viruses uh? But oh well, if this is what it takes to kill HIV then go for it. While DRACO is extremely effective at destroying viruses, it doesn’t attack the virus right away; it has to wait until the virus has infected a Cell. So this new drug is not a vaccine, but rather a cure for HIV, Flu, Bird Flu, SARS, Ebola, etc.

The best thing about the DRACO is that it’s super effective! Additionally, DRACO doesn’t seem to have any side effects – at least not on mice. The next step is clinical trials; let’s hope that in the next couple of years, we’ll be able to have a cure for just about anything.

Via MedicalXpress