Over 850,000 New Android Phones Are Activated Each Day

The Android system has really been picking up lately, according to Google, every day there are 850,000 new devices being activated across the world. You could argue that this trend will end soon, but at the same time I’ve activated 5 Android phones in the past 4 years. And with the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) coming up, Google is really trying to push out and boost their mobile system even higher than it already is.

According to them, right now there are over 300 Million android devices across the entire world, and they have been growing at about 250 percent each year.  There are a couple of reason as to why they have been growing so fast. For starters, there is a wider selection of phones that can run the android system – over 800 different phones. Another reason is the number of applications.

Last year at the MWC, Google announced that there were more than 150,000 apps in Android Market. That number tripled to more than 450,000 apps today, with over one billion app downloads happening every month. And not just silly apps that let your phone make cat noises, some apps like the Android Beam, lets you share content like web pages, videos, directions, and apps—just by touching two Android phones back to back.

While Android still has a lot to do before it can catch up to the iOS, it’s not doing to bad.