Google Started to Crack Down on Android Market Malware

The Google Android App Market Place is amazing, one of its strongest points is how “unregulated it is” unfortunately, this is also one of its weakest points. Unlike the Apple App Store that regulates every single one of the apps that goes into the market, Android devices can download and install just about any application made for the phone. This flexibility and “hack-ability” of the phone makes it the phone of choice for many developers.

As the phone market continues to grow however, so does the number of people that use the phone to conduct business transactions, banking transactions, online shopping, and much more. That’s why Google decided that it was time to add a virtual Bouncer to their market place. The Android Market Bouncer has been working in the back end of the market place since last year. It scans available apps for malware, viruses, and other security threats against the Android users.

This is the first time that Google has cared enough about the market place to really do something about it. When a new app is developed, the application has gone through Bouncer system, the application gets analyzed to see if it contains any type of malware, to include Trojans, spyware, and viruses. To take the security process one step further, the market place Bouncer compares the application to other applications that have caused problems in the past. It also checks how the application is operating and not how the application is “supposed” to operate. Which is a big difference:

Instead of checking the application’s functions – the list that tells you what the application want’s access to – The Bouncer checks how the application behaves in your phone. If it detects something is happening, the bouncer will take care of the problem for you.

Lastly, the application detects new developer accounts to see if the developer is a new developer, or if it’s an old developer who has been banned for creating malware and malicious applications. Google has not released information on how they detect that yet. I can only assume is for security reasons.

The Bouncer app has been working in the background for some time and Google claims that the application has stopped 40 percent of bad and malicious applications. Which makes you wonder how bad the market place is, but regardless, it’s getting safer now! Finally, the market place is starting to become a safer place for everyone. [Img Credit: JD Hancock – Via: Google]