The Area 51 Sci-FI Themed Brothel House

If you can’t find a girlfriend on planet Earth, perhaps you have better chances at landing an Alien girl from across the galaxy – if you have the money that is. Want to find the next Jabba the Hutt’s dancing slave that’s going to make you wish you weren’t human? then you need to visit Area 51.

Nevada, the only state that allows legal prostituion, is about to have a new house. This new place is only going to offer sci-fi theme dancers for it’s visitors. Dennis Hof, the owner of Moonlight Bunny Ranch and television documentary celebrity from HBO’s The Cathouse,  bought a hotel about 90 miles from Las Vegas and is going to turn the hotel into his next business venture: The Alien Cathouse.

This new place is going to feature alien girls from around the galaxy, the entire piece of land is going to turn into an outer space themed tourist destination that will include fun activities for the entire family… because that’s exactly where you want to take your child during their school vacation.

So for all you geeks and nerds out there, start saving up your money, this new place opens up in a month and from the looks of it, it’s not going to be very cheap. Via: Time