A Dog’s Personal Heating and Cooling Unit for his Dog House

Dogs are very good at adapting to changing temperatures, they love being outside, and even in a hot day, their bodies stay cool. Yea, the temperature may be 80 degrees outside, but that’s their kind of weather.

I love dogs, and owning an English Bulldog was not easy, you have to shower them, and take extra care of them because of possible “problems” they may get in their older years, but I can’t recall ever having an air conditioner inside his dog house.

Some pet owners go above and beyond when it comes to making their pets as comfortable as possible. These owners go as far as buying them their own personal cooler/heater for their pet homes, but that’s just insane. Take this Climate Right’s dedicated heating and air conditioning unit for dog houses.

For a little under $600 you can buy your dog his own cooling unit, and for that price, I think I would much rather have the dog inside than keep him out there. You simply hook up the appliance onto an electrical socket and you’re done – then you can sit inside watching your dog not care one bit about the air conditioner laying around next to a tree. I’m sure this is different if you have a dog that’s not used to cold climates and it starts to snow outside, but even then, a Wal-Mart $19.99 heater can get the job done.  [Via The Fancy]