15 WordPress Plugins For Bloggers To Improve Productivity

Bloggers are always looking for great plugins to speed up some of the slow WordPress processes. We’ve listed 15 of the best plugins here, each one designed to make a WordPress issue smoother. Take your pick.

1. Blog Stats

You can check your blog statistics without leaving WordPress, using the Blog Stats plugin by Jetpack. This plugin allows you to view your daily page views, top pages, top keywords and top posts on a daily basis.

2. Editorial Calendar

If you suffer from writer’s block, this is the best plugin for you. Use the Editorial Calendar to add your ideas for posts into a user-friendly interface that’ll help you plan ahead and ready your posts on time.

3. Content Scheduler

Upload all your posts in one go and use this nifty little plugin to specify when the content should be reviewed. You can also specify what to do when the review date is up, helping you proactively govern the content on your blog.

4. Broken Link Checker

Use the Broken Link Checker to check for broken links in your blog site. This plugin not only locates all broken links, but also helps to quickly and easily sort them out

5. Faster Image Insert

The Faster Image Insert plugin allows you to avoid inserting images into the WordPress thickbox. Rather, you insert them into a meta box under your input area. This allows you greater control over the images, as you can edit them in mass; add alt text, titles and other information. You can also insert multiple images at one time.

6. CMS Page Tree View

If you want a quick way to access your pages instead of clicking through them, use the CMS Page Tree View plugin. This plugin displays your pages in a CMS-like tree view mode, a must for blogs that have many regular and custom posts and pages.

7. EG Attachments

The EG Attachments plugin automatically lists the files on the display page to which you upload. It then updates the file listing with file type icons and allows you to filter files and indicate Nofollow status.

8. WP-Smush.It

The Yahoo WP-Smush.it plugin strips your uploaded images of unnecessary metadata, optimizes and compresses them, and even converts GIF files to PNG format. You need this plugin if you use a lot of images on your blog. The only caveat is that Yahoo can use all your images.

9. Search And Replace

Search and Replace is a simple plugin that allows you to automate your search and replace needs at the database level. This plugin quickly searches and replaces any number of occurrences of data strings that you want to replace, saving precious time.

10. VoicePress

You can now free your hands by dictating your posts using VoicePress. This plugin adds a microphone button to your WordPress editor. If you are a WordPress-based podcaster, this tool will create a podcast transcript as you talk.

11. Tweet Old Post

Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a new post all the time. Use a plugin like Tweet Old Posts to tweet older posts at scheduled intervals, to keep the traffic ongoing. People forget older posts after some time, but posting them manually can take up all your time. Tweet Old Posts does this job automatically for you.

12. SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links checks for keywords and phrases that occur in your post and comments and links them to occurrences of the same keywords elsewhere in your blog. You can use this plugin to match your keywords to URLs. You can set open links and nofollow attributes in a window, without deviating from your page. You need this plugin if you want to interlink your posts and add affiliate links to other sites.

13. ReplyMe

The ReplyMe plugin notifies you every time some responds to your comments on other blogs. You will also get notified every time someone comments on your blog. It doesn’t end there – using this plugin, you can actually compose a custom message to the reader.

14. WP-DBManager

Using this plugin you can drop or empty tables, run selected queries, create, restore and delete backup and repair and optimize your WordPress database. You can also automatically schedule data backup, database repair and database optimization. It basically takes all database worry off your hands and leave you free to focus on other tasks.

15. Thank Me Later

This plug automatically sends a ‘thank you’ e-mail to visitors who post comments on your blog. This plugin also actively reminds visitors to check back for updates, so that you don’t have to manually send notes each time. You can configure this plugin to suit your needs. You can also create multiple e-mail messages; schedule message delivery based on set timelines and make your messages appear friendly and unique.

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