Samsung to Release Flexible Phones: New Revolution’s Coming

If you’re interested in phones and smartphones even for a little bit, you might probably know that Samsung has made a small revolution in the world of phones by creating the famous Samsung Galaxy S2, which is considered to be the best smartphone at the moment. Since the release of the Galaxy S2, many other famous manufacturers have been trying to create something better, but didn’t succeed – even the new Apple iPhone 4S is yielding to the good old Samsung Galaxy S2 in many areas.

Now Samsung is going to make another revolution in the smartphone market by creating flexible phones. Yeah, Samsung is really going to manufacture FLEXIBLE smartphones! Robert Yi, Samsung’s vice president of investor relations, spoke about this during the last quarterly earnings call:

“The flexible display we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part… The application probably will start from the handset side.”

Sounds promising and intriguing, right? If these phones are as rough and reliable as the famous Galaxy S2 or the other phones from that line, they’ll bring a lot of success to Samsung, making it even more popular, especially if the manufacturer follows its plan strictly and moves on to creating flexible tablets and other devices after the first flexible smartphones are released.

Not much is known about this technology yet, and we aren’t really sure how it will work, but I can already imagine that having a bendable and flexible smartphone is rather handy – at least it will be easier to find a place for it in your pocket or bag, and you won’t be that afraid to drop it or break it. We don’t know about the form-factor of those coming phones, either, but the chances are big that they’ll be either candybars or clamshells. We also guess that these flexible smartphones by Samsung will be based on Android – after all, all popular Samsung phones run Google’s famous OS.

Well, I won’t be really correct if I say that Samsung’s the first company to introduce these “flexible” technologies. Actually, in 2009 Sony has already shown a flexible display, but no phone with a display like this has ever been officially announced or released by Sony, so I guess Samsung will be the first to actually release such a revolutionary smartphone.